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Continuing to Learn

The Rookie Symposium is really hitting on all aspects of being an NFL player. I feel like I'm learning information, some of which I've learned before, but it's a good thing because it helps you retain it.

Hearing Donte Stallworth's story really resonated. Coming out of college, I think we've all known people who have been intoxicated and driven their cars home. His story has impacted my thought process. I'm always looking out for other people, so I will continue to do that, and hopefully someone listens when you encourage them to take a taxi or get home a different way.

I hope to take away as much information from this as I can. I've been building my way up to this point and doing everything I can to stay clean. One thing that helped me through the NFL Combine and throughout this process has been that I don't have any baggage. Continuing to learn the information and understand what's right and what's wrong will help me stay that way.

One other thing I am looking forward to getting a better hold of is the financial part of being an NFL athlete. We've never dealt with money like this before, so I'm trying to understand how to manage it...and learning how to keep it for a long time rather than letting it go and wasting it.